Our Marketing Video and Branding Films Pair Perfectly with Wine & Spirits.

We are very passionate about wine and spirits and committed to the art of marketing and branding the beauty and inspiration of boutique wineries and distilleries through our films. We’ll tell your story in an entertaining and cinematic way that inspires wine and spirit lovers to engage with you, and your products. We are re-inventing the art of marketing and branding films for liquid assets.


“Wine is the Only Artwork You Can Drink”.
~ Luis Olaverri

Terroir (noun) ter·roir | ˌtareˈWAHr

the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate; the characteristic taste and flavor imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced

Terroir Films (noun) ter·roir / filmz

the elements and talents needed to blend moving pictures into art utilizing a perfect balance of wine, vineyard, Vintner, cinematography, and marketing to tell a brand story which inspires

People Love Wine and a Movie

When it comes to marketing wineries today, videos and mini-documentaries are all the rage, and for good reason too. Statistics clearly show that video marketing and branding films exponentially increase customer interest and engagement. In a nut shell, people love the visual experience film creates.

Terroir Films educate, entertain and provide a form of escape for viewers that inspires engagement with your wines and winery. From vineyard and production facility videos, to events, and mini-documentaries films, our experienced producers and cinematographers can create magic and mindshare for your winery.

Our NC based team consists of more than just producers and cinematographers. We also have a marketing and branding specialist, a talented web and graphic designer and a social media specialist all here to serve you and your business. If you would like to elevate your winery’s marketing and branding to another level…we would be excited to speak with you.


Outside of the quality of your wine, maybe the most valuable marketing and branding asset of your business, is your website. It’s the face of your winery to those who have never visited. Our team continuously designs, studies and stays current on trends in both website design and SEO strategies…so that you don’t have too. All of this can be designed and managed for you, so you can focus on your business: making great wine.


As you know, Social Media is a very critical part of your on-going marketing and communication strategy so your winery stays engaged with your base while prospecting for new organic growth. From our research and experience, we can develop ongoing content and imagery strategies, including short videos that will keep your Social Media fresh, relevant and engaging.


The Email Campaigns we design and distribute for you will produce spikes in both on-property visits and overall website traffic, helping you turn your guests into lifelong customers. We can custom design E-Campaigns for newsletters, wine clubs, special events, releases, harvest and even lead generation for wedding or event bookings.

Terroir Films - Sample Portfolio

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